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C-1 General commercial

The following uses are permitted in this district:

  • Any retail business or service, including manufacturing in connection with a retail store or shop providing that such manufacturing is incidental to the retail use and all goods manufactured are sold on the premises.
  • Automobile sales rooms and repair garages.
  • Bus terminals and taxicab stands.
  • Clubs and lodges.
  • Funeral parlors.
  • Gasoline service stations, provided that points of access and egress shall be located ten (10) feet or more from the intersection of street lines; shall not exceed forty (40) feet in width; and shall not be closer than twenty (20) feet apart.
  • Hotels and motels.
  • Offices and banks.
  • Newspapers and printing plants.
  • Off-street parking lots.
  • Professional offices for physicians, dentists, lawyers, engineers, and the like.
  • Public uses and structures.
  • Public utility structures.
  • Radio stations.
  • Restaurants, bars, grills, and similar eating and/or drinking establishments, excluding drive-in establishments.
  • Signs: Outdoor advertising, and professional, or announcement.
  • Theaters, indoor.
  • Existing buildings in the C-1 area may be converted in whole or in part for residential use either for single-family occupancy or multifamily occupancy, including apartments but excluding boardinghouses and roominghouses.  Any new buildings constructed in the C-1 area may also be used for residential purposes, including single-family occupancy or multifamily occupancy but excluding boardinghouses and roominghouses.  Also excluded are single-family dwellings.

City Hall Hours

8:30 a.m to 5:30 p.m
Monday thru Thursday


Pay your Traffic Tickets Online

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Simplify Your Life

Have your city utility bill drafted from your account automatically on the due date.  There is no charge for this service.  Come by City Hall to sign up.





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